tactile speller

What is it?

A computer keyboard driven by using the brain. With thoughts you can focus on a touch. That’s the way the spelling will be accomplished. It is a new invention that’s working for the first time. Brain researcher Marianne Severens developed this system with her colleagues.  It is possible for some time now to type with the aid of the brain. In that case the brain had to focus on visual signals. This is not possible to do for someone who has a visual limitation.


Why is it cool?

This computer keyboard is developed specially for people who have a visual limitations. With the tactile speller you have to focus on tastimulti (touch). With a lot of practice people with a visual limitation can type in an easier way. This is a big progression for these people. This keyboard is a wonderful solution for this target group.


Why has it future growth potential?

Nowadays we are more and more dependent of the web. For people with a visual limitation it is very hard to adapt on the demands of today. Through e-mailing and the social web you can contact people that you need to speak very quick. So this is a very good solution for these people. They can participate on the society piece by piece.



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