losing weight and going out for dinner

what is it?
Going out for dinner when you are trying to lose some weight isn’t necessary bad for you. When you are eating in a restaurant you can still eat healthy. Het Voedingscentrum gives a couple of tips how it is possible to eat delicious, but in a healthy way.


Why is it cool?
It hasn’t as much effect on your diet if you make the right choices. Just take low calorie drinks, don’t take too much courses and ask if there is a possibility to get a smaller portion. Most restaurants are pleased to help you.


Why has it future growth potential?
When you are on a diet, you only focus on what you can’t eat. Eating outside is hard, because a restaurant mostly serves food that doesn’t fit in your diet. Going out for dinner improves your Quality of Life. It makes you happy when you are on a nice night out with family or friends. These tips will make you experience a great night, without letting go on your diet. A fun night will help you succeed in your weight loss. The high Quality of Life will make your diet easier to stick to.


mobile coffee roaster

What is it?

The Mobile Coffee Roastery is a Kickstarter project by JT Peifer. He wants to run his own coffee truck which he can move through the country. With his truck he wants to roast his own fresh coffee and share it with the whole nation. He wants to call it Feisty Goat. He is very open about how he brews his coffee, and because there are not more traders involved, the coffee is as fresh as possible and can be sold for a fair price.

Why is it cool?

I don’t know such thing as a mobile truck for coffee. When the truck is nearby everyone who needs coffee can go get a coffee whenever they want it. The great thing about this coffee truck is that JT gives a lot of insight in how he brews his coffee, you can see it being roasted and you can buy it afterwards. Through the internet he wants to share where he is at the moment, so you can come over and have a nice cup of coffee.

Kona, Hawai'i

Why has it future growth potential?

It has future growth potential because people want to know everything about their coffee. With a good story behind the coffee it becomes an experience to drink it. The story of a little coffee roaster who wants to share his wonderful coffee with the world is something that people will appreciate. The authentic coffee make people have a special feeling about it.




domestic violence

This girl tells her story about domestic violence. She is abused by her boyfriend who she dated for 8 months and tells about it on social media. She wants people to know her story and offers a transparent view on her abuse. On Instagram and Facebook her story goes viral. People often don’t talk about domestic violence. She wants to show that violence in a relationship can happen in all kind of relationships. it is never good to be in a relationship with someone who beats you up. when someone truly loves you there is no reason for domestic violence. Her scares will be on her body forever. She wanted to be a model but her boyfriend changed her whole life. The story says it all!



ING analysing for advertising

What is it?

ING wants to analyse what people are paying for each month so they can see what your purchases are during the year. They want to give advertisers insight in our buying behaviour so they can anticipate on it. Advertisers will be able to show us advertisements based on what we buy and when we buy it.


Why is it cool?

It offers advertisers transparency about our purchases so they can give us personalised advertisements. That’s cool because they will show you the things that you’re probably interested in. But isn’t it privacy violation? I’ve got my doubts about this new concept.

Why has it future growth potential?

Nowadays advertisers have to give personal advertisements to succeed. This concept gives them the possibility to do that on a large scale. ING doesn’t know if the clients will be happy with the fact that the things they buy will be analysed for advertising, but they want to give it a try.


Stop telling women to smile

What is it?

Stop telling women to smile is a project of Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. With this project she wants to show how women are harassed on the street based on their gender. The art is placed on public locations on big posters. On the posters there are quotes like: ‘my outfit is not an invitation.’


Why is it cool?

It makes people think about the way they behave. It offers transparency about gender based harassing. Of course we know that this phenomenon exists, but it is kind of a taboo to talk about it. This art project  tries to break the taboo, and make people think and talk about it.


Why has it future growth potential?

People become more conscious about how women are treated. They realize that it is not right to say those things to women. The posters give the women voices and faces placed in an environment where those women are getting harassed every day.


Diesel campaign Jillian Mercado

What is it?

Diesel has a new campaign. The 26- year old Jillian Mercado sits in a wheelchair because of her muscle disease. She got to model in the new campaign. In the campaign were men and women from different segments of the youth culture. The images shock, it is not the ideal image of a model anymore. People are who they are and they can be beautiful in their own way.


Why is it cool?

The campaign stands out from other campaigns. People like Jillian Mercado could never be a model because of all the “conditions of beauty”. Jillian wants to show that a disability doesn’t have to stop you from living the life you want. She wants people to know that they can achieve everything as long as you fight for it. She also wants to show that everyone can wear Diesel. You don’t have to be a millionaire or a supermodel.


Why has it future growth potential?

The campaign breaks the taboo of disabled people thinking that they can’t wear a fashion label. They look good in fashion too. The campaign is already a big hit. People all over the world place very admiring replies about it. Maybe eventually the undervalued image of disabled people will be broken. This is a step in the right direction.



True L♥ve Bra

What is it?

The true love bra is a special bra designed for women who wants to know if they are truly in love. The bra only opens when there is true love. It is designed in Japan where women are very insecure if they really love a man. This bra ensures that a woman doesn’t wakeup with a guilty feeling. The bra connects with an app on your mobile phone. When the heartbeat of a women reaches the right level, the bra automatically unlocks itself.
love test bra

Why is it cool?

The bra has an heart rate meter that connects with an app. The data will be compared to emotions like flirting, getting presents and watching a horror movie. These feelings give a match in heart rate with true love. The algorithm has to be right to pop the bra open. The bra can’t be opened by another man if there are no true love feelings. They claim that the bra “understand” the real feeling of women.


Why has it future growth potential?

Women want to know if there is true love between a man and themselves. The bra measures the love feeling of the woman so the woman knows if she’s in love or not. Then one side of their story fits already. But what if a woman walks on the street and she gets a special feeling and heartbeat.. will her bra fall off? Let’s hope not.